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      A passion for rallies

      We ourselves have already taken part in various rallies across Europe. This gave rise to the idea of developing a rally for modern classics and vintage cars centred around the UNSECO World Heritage application for the 6 Great Arch Bridges. With this idea, we were also able to directly inspire the city of Solingen as the applicant and great Solingen companies. The Six Bridges Rally was born.

      The plan was in place and the first start was in September 2021. It was not clear beforehand whether the rally would work or not. But the feedback from the participants confirmed: "Exhausting, but simply amazing".

      And because it's hard to stand on one leg, the BND rally followed. A completely different concept, but just as successful.

      But what do we do that others don't? We do it as a hobby, out of passion. We do it as Solingen residents for our bridge and for our city. And people seem to recognise that. At least that's what former participants say.

      We accompany the entire rally and meet our participants at many highlights along the route. There are always joint events where we meet up and have exciting petrol talks. This has already resulted in some great friendships.

      If this also appeals to you and you would like to experience an exciting holiday, then we would be delighted to welcome you as a participant at one of the next rallies.

      Timm & Marc

      These are our rallies:

      Six Bridges Rally


      "Imagine you're on an epic adventure through Europe - 6000 kilometres over the breathtaking Swiss mountains to the historic city of Porto in Portugal. You battle your way through arid deserts in Spain and feel the warm Italian sun on your skin. As you drive through the fragrant Provence, you see endless fields of lavender. But that's just the beginning. You return along the rugged Atlantic coast, experience the unforgettable colours of the Bordeaux wine-growing region and admire the ups and downs of the picturesque Alsatian countryside. All in all, you'll be travelling on an exciting journey in modern classics and vintage cars that will push you to your limits."



      The mayor of Solingen has discovered the legendary formula for luck and wealth and wants to lead his town to world fame. But then fate takes an unexpected turn: The formula is stolen - by the notorious villain Dr Scelestus! While the police are powerless and the BND agents are in action, it is now up to the courageous participants of the BND rally to retrieve the formula and save the world from the threat.

      The BND Rally is your chance to slip into the role of a hero. In your classic or vintage car, you will be part of the biggest chase the world has ever seen. For nine days, you will drive through Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany to fulfil your mission. The puzzles in the road book will lead you from task to task, past fascinating sights and through breathtaking landscapes.

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