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      A heist!

      A villain!

      A rally!


      The tour details for the BND rally:

      Duration of the rally:

      The rally lasts 9 days. On average, you will drive 220 kilometres a day in 5 hours of pure driving time.


      Length of the rally:

      The rally is about 2000 kilometres long, depending on which route you choose.

      Start of the rally:

      The start will take place on 01 June 2024 in Solingen. The car park of the Industrial Museum (Merscheider Str. 289-297 in DE-42699 Solingen) is available for the start.

      Destination of the rally:

      The finish line will be the Speicherstadt Münster on 09 June 2024. (An den Speichern 6, DE-48157 Münster)

      Travelling vehicle:

      Any car or motorbike older than 10 years may take part in the rally. The older the vehicle, the more points are awarded in the scoring (see below). Furthermore, e-cars may take part in the rally without age restrictions. The rally vehicle must comply with the road traffic regulations, have a valid MOT for the duration of the rally and have a regular licence plate, a seasonal licence plate or a red number.


      Participants per vehicle:

      Each team may register as many riders as the number of registered seats in the car or motorbike.

      Road book:

      You will receive a road book from us at the start. This describes the route, destinations and tasks that you have to complete during the rally. Drive the route as you wish, complete the tasks you want. You should enjoy the rally and complete it at your own pace. Completing all the tasks is not impossible, but it is very challenging.


      The route leads through 3 countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Unless otherwise specified in the road book, you must drive on country roads. Motorway journeys that are not prescribed will cost you penalty points in the final calculation. You want to see something of the country and its people. The roads are 100% tarmac. The daily stages are approx. 220 km long. A day's stage means that you will be travelling in the car for approx. 5 hours.


      Those who are not so good at navigating are welcome to enter their destinations into the sat nav or GPS device. Professionals use a map to find their way, which is much more fun and makes the rally more of an adventure. There is a travel atlas Benelux from Marco Polo in 1:200,000 for approx. EUR 15.00. This is perfect for this rally.


      Whether you go camping, sleep in your car, stay in a hotel or opt for bed & breakfast is entirely up to you. The main thing is that you are well rested the next day. However, you cannot book in advance; you will only find out where the destination and therefore your sleeping place is with the road book.

      We recommend that you always book your accommodation for the next night during the course of the day. This is easy to do with your smartphone. (e.g. booking.com)

      Rally branding:

      Shortly before the rally you will receive a parcel from us. In this pack you will find your stickers with your start number (2 pieces) and the rally logo (3 pieces), as well as a rally T-shirt per participant and other merchandise.


      You are invited to the legendary BBQ on the beach. We can celebrate here in a relaxed atmosphere and marvel at the sunset directly on the beach and by the sea.

      We pay for the great dinner, you pay for your drinks. Let us surprise you!


      Even if it is voluntary, we would be very happy if you collected donations for a project of your choice. Whether it's a children's hospice, an animal shelter or an environmental organisation is up to you. Ask your friends, ask your employer, ask other companies - the more you collect, the more good you do. The amount donated will also be included in the final result.

      You can collect donations via betterpace.org (or similar) or directly to the organisation's account, or you can talk to your bank to see if they will provide you with a donation account.

      Award ceremony:

      You can't have a rally without an award ceremony! That's why we also award prizes for the first three places. These places are determined by points. You get these points by completing tasks from the road book (1 point per successfully completed task).

      But there are also points for the age of your car or motorbike. The older your car or motorbike is, the more points your team gets. There are 0.1 points per year. (At least 10 years old = year of construction 2014. For example, your car is from year of construction 2010 = 0.4 points or year of construction 2004 = 1 point or year of construction 1982 = 3.2 points etc.).

      In addition, for every 1,000.00 euros donated, 2.5 points are awarded for the final calculation. (donation amount x 0.0025)

      Participation fee car:

      The participation fee for the entire route for a car with two participants is EUR 695.00. We charge EUR 145.00 per additional team member.


      The price includes the organisation of the rally including road book, support in case of questions, T-shirt for each participant, stickers for your vehicle as well as a BBQ and various entrance fees.

      Participation fee motorbike:

      The participation fee for the entire route for a motorbike with one participant is EUR 550.00. We charge EUR 145.00 for an additional passenger.

      The price includes the organisation of the rally including road book, support in case of questions, T-shirt for each participant, stickers for your vehicle as well as a BBQ and various entrance fees.


      If you have any questions about the rally or fundraising, we are always there for you! Just give us a call, you will find the relevant telephone numbers below. Alternatively, you can also send us an e-mail - you will also find the address below.

      We would like to ask you not to be angry if we do not answer immediately. Please bear in mind that this is a hobby for us that we pursue with great enthusiasm. However, we both still have a full-time job.

      We are investing all our passion and time to make this rally a unique experience and to raise funds for important causes. So please be assured that we will get back to you as soon as possible.