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      The World Heritage Rally

      07-22 September 2024


      6000 kilometres

      8 countries

      6 Bridge

      1 Rally



      The Müngsten Bridge towers majestically over the Wupper valley as we prepare for our upcoming adventure rally through Europe. The bridge is not only a technical marvel, but also a symbol of the Bergisches Land region and the cities of Solingen and Remscheid.


      As part of a transnational bid for UNESCO World Heritage status, we decided to combine our passion for old cars and motorbikes with this great cause.


      Our aim was to organise a rally that would take us along the six candidate bridges through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. Starting in Germany, we will drive through the breathtaking Swiss mountains before heading to the sun-drenched plains of Italy. From there, we'll continue through the fragrant Provence and the arid deserts of Spain, along the blue Douro to historic Porto and back along the rugged Atlantic coast.


      This journey will take us over 6000 kilometres across Europe and present us with many challenges. We will be travelling in our rally cars and on our motorbikes, all of which are over 15 years old or powered by electricity. It's not about top speed, but about endurance, skill and a sense of adventure.



      During the rally we will be joined by friends from Italy,

      France and Portugal and accompany us on the

      Enjoy the landscapes and sights. Every day

      will take us an average of 375 kilometres over country roads

      and we will be on the road for about 10 hours a day.

      be. But it will be worth it, because on this

      unforgettable experiences and make new

      Make friends.



      If you would also like to take up this challenge and

      would like to take part in our rally, then form a team and

      register with your motorbike or your car. The

      Rules and conditions can be found here. 

      We look forward to travelling with you on this unforgettable

      journey through Europe. If you have any questions,

      hesitate not to speak to us.



      Your Timm and Marc,

      the organisers of the

      Adventure culture rally through Europe.

      Greeting from our patron

      Dear participants of the Six Bridges Rally,

      It is a great honour for me to stand by your side as patron of this rally and as a descendant of Gustave Eiffel, the builder of the Garabit Viaduct and the Ponte Maria Pia.

      These two bridges are part of the joint application for the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the 6 Great Arch Bridges. This candidature is very important to emphasise the achievement made in building these bridges and to pay tribute to their builders. It is also important for each of us and you will unite all these bridges on your journey!

      I hope you enjoy your adventure across Europe and I look forward to meeting you soon.

      Kind regards

      Myriam Larnaudie-Eiffel

      Myriam Larnaudie-Eiffel
      Great-great-great-granddaughter of Gustave Eiffel

      How does this rally work?

      At the Six Bridges Rally you can only prepare yourself and your vehicle. You will only find out everything else at the start, because only then will you receive your road book.

      There are various tasks in the road book. Tasks that you can solve during the entire rally, but also tasks that you can only solve on this day.

      The daily tasks also determine which route you have to take. As you only know the destinations from the road book, each team has to find its own route. If possible, drive on country roads, unless the road book says otherwise. This is the best way to get to know the country and its people.

      At your destination, you then have to take a photo or find something, for example. You can take a photo printer with you or look for a drugstore on the penultimate day. The photos or answers then go into the road book, which is like a diary after the rally.

      The road book also tells you where you have to drive to that day. So you know where you can spend the night. In the early afternoon, you can then book accommodation or a campsite using the relevant accommodation apps.

      Yes, you can't really plan or prepare anything. But that's precisely the adventure: the uncertainty. Embrace it and you will see how liberating it is. You can achieve a goal, not you have to.

      Greeting from our patron

      Dear participants,

      Six bridges in four European countries want to become a World Heritage Site together. Our blade city of Solingen in Germany is working closely with those responsible in France, Italy and Portugal to realise this great idea.

      Timm Kronenberg and Marc Baehr are promoting this in their own way: they are organising the "Six Bridges Rally", which connects all six bridges. The rally is driven in proper style with older vehicles, as it is well known that the bridges are no longer the youngest.

      As Mayor of Solingen, I would be delighted if you would support them in their endeavours - there are no limits to your ideas. From bridge to bridge - connecting Europe.

      Greetings from the blade city of Solingen in the Bergisches Land region

      Tim-O. Kurzbach

      Tim-O. Kurzbach

      Lord Mayor of the city of Solingen

      our 6 large arch bridges

      Müngsten Bridge

      The Müngsten Bridge is the highest railway bridge in Germany. At a height of 107 metres, it spans the Wupper valley between the towns of Remscheid and Solingen.

      Ponte San Michele

      The Ponte San Michele is a combined road and railway bridge over the Adda Gorge in the Italian region of Lombardy in the province of Bergamo.

      Viaduc du Viaur

      The Viaur Viaduct is a single-track steel railway bridge that spans the Viaur Valley near Tanus in France. The viaduct was built by Paul-Joseph Bodin.

      Ponte Dom Luís I.

      The Ponte Dom Luís I is a truss arch bridge over the Douro between Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal. The bridge was opened in 1886.

      Ponte Maria Pia

      The Ponte Maria Pia is a disused railway bridge over the Douro between Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia and the oldest bridge still in existence over the Douro.

      Viaduc de Garabit

      The Garabit Viaduct is a steel railway bridge that spans the valley of the dammed Truyère in France. The viaduct was built by Gustave Eiffel.