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      AD Rotterdams Dagblad from 03/06/2024

      Solinger Morgenpost from 25.03.2024

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      Stefan Knopp with the e-bike on the SBR, 09.10.2023

      Solinger Tageblatt from 21.04.2023

      Oberhessische Presse from 25.09.2022

      Solinger Tageblatt from 13.09.2022

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      Arrival at the finish of the SBR 2022, 12/09/2022

      Sud Ouest from 07/09/2022

      Rheinische Post from 03.09.2022

      Solinger Tageblatt from 29/08/2022

      Solinger Morgenpost 29/08/2022

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      A Bentley goes on a journey, 16.05.2021

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      General, 16.05.2021

      La vie de l'auto from 06/01/2022

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      L'ecco di Bergamo from 09/02/2021