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      These are the teams of the Six Bridges Rally 2024:

      Team #001

      The Jelliebellies
      Carsten Wolthusen

      Happiness is a decision.

      Team #002

      California Donkeys
      Sven Plag
      Jessica Müller

      Refrigerator and

      Bed in your luggage!

      Team #003

      Open Minders
      Markus Willeke
      Katrin Willeke

      The sun

      against ...

      Team #004

      The Mühlviertler
      Dr Wolf-Dieter Duffek
      Christian Forsthuber
      Open your eyes
      and through!

      Team #005

      Ute Schmidtberg
      Horst Schmidtberg

      Electric and relaxed on the road

      Team #006

      Team Pony
      Oliver Blombach
      Silke Blombach

      Now we all go to the toilet again and then we ride off.

      Team #007

      Walter Breuer
      Jarmila Breuer

      At full throttle

      right through!

      Team #008

      n&m by OSC-Lünen 1
      Matthias Kesper
      Marco Fiorillo

      Team #009

      Coal & Sea
      Hans Georg Schwabe
      Rixa Bohrhardt

      Discovering new things is what drives us.

      Team #010

      Martin Stefan Bock

      Always keep calm!

      Team #011


      German-Austrian friendship

      Hans Jürgen Haar
      Sigrun Haar

      You can't do without hair!

      Team #012

      Senior Gang
      Eberhard Sasse
      Walter Peters

      Eyes closed

      and through!

      Team #014

      Tent grey 1904
      Rainer Dawidowski

      Now here

      or nowhere

      (Team #015)

      The Bug Friends
      Andre Lugtenburg
      John Bal

      You are travelling with us in your thoughts!

      In gedachten reis je met ons mee!

      Team #015

      The Bug Friends
      Barry Lugtenburg
      Mike Lugtenburg

      We drive for you!

      Wij rijden voor jou!

      Team #016

      Team Deuser
      Volker Einbeck
      Erika Klotz

      Drive for Peace!

      Team #017

      The team of brothers
      Uwe Schleiminger
      Bernd-Rüdiger Schleiminger

      Not possible - not possible!

      Team #018

      The Busch Family
      Anne Rembold-Busch
      Lola Rembold-Busch

      On the road again!

      Team #019

      Solar Coffee Team
      Michael Schulte
      Janine Schulte

      Engines roar,

      Enchanting streets

      Team #020

      Road Badgers
      Michael Kiekenap
      Kilian & Lorenz Kiekenap

      Gently downhill, strive uphill!

      Team #021

      The downhill skiers
      Michael Mintert
      Rolf Wagener

      Team #022

      Mint Team
      Jörg Adelt
      Michaela Wester

      12 paws and a dream couple

      Team #062

      Team Black Benz
      Ralf Hochkeppel
      Andreas Schlott

      6 Bridges

      2 full posts

      Team #091

      Northern lights under the radar
      Anne Grählert
      Stephan Schröter

      Don't sabbel, dat geit!

      Team #092

      Bernard Tecklenborg
      Isabell Tecklenborg

      Learn about

      to see

      Team #111

      Marcel Hahn
      Mike Neubert

      Team #214

      Mach 4.3
      Holger Herrmann
      Nathalie Herrmann

      Team #215

      Mach 4.2
      Axel Herrmann
      Carsten Herrmann

      Team #216

      Mach 4.1
      Manfred Herrmann
      Anke Theuerkauf

      At some point

      at some point

      perhaps too late